108, Ist Floor, C-Block,

LSC, DDA Market, Vikas Puri,

New Delhi - 110018

Phone : 9213216145

Email : poojasharma@laadi.in

LAADI is micro enterprise consistently serving small and medium scale units. In its endeavor to TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL, it caters specialize top quality services on affordable prices to small business entities. Each and every solution offered by the experienced professional is based on the existing resources available with you to achieve maximum benefits. Ensure you to take your business beyond the boundaries imposed by other solutions.



LAADI offers a wide variety of services aimed at small business owners at very low cost. We ensure quality service and personalise services conforming to your special needs. The PRIVACY POLICY provides special care to protect your sensitive data, marketing research data, technical data, manufacturing process data and clients data.